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Buyer’s Representation – What is it?

What’s in it for you? by Susan Mogren


In Massachusetts, as recent as 2005, all Real Estate agents worked for the seller. Seller’s Agents have a commitment and a fiduciary duty to get the best price for their clients in negotiations. FYI: Anything you say to the seller’s agent, can, and will, be used to the seller’s advantage. Buyers are now on equal footing and can hire a committed agent to promote and protect their interests. It is a full service offering, akin to project management, to reduce stress, save time, money and eliminate hassle.

I provide price and market analysis to support your decision making, I guide buyers through the process, secure the best deal, protect your interests, and safeguard confidential information. A good Buyer’s Agent will have you sign a contract to simply expectations, avoid misunderstandings, and ask for your loyalty. In return, my time an loyalty are spent with my contracted clients. 

Best Value

A Buyer’s Agent is compensated by a cooperating listing agent when they successfully bring a buyer. Although we are not a free service, we work for free until you close escrow. More importantly since we are YOUR exclusive representation, we work for your best interest only – not the sellers.

Better Business Deal

We present offers, negotiate the price, terms and condition of the deal, making sure you’ll get more for your money, and navigate home inspections. We’ll use today’s market forces to your advantage … not the sellers.

Saves Time

Homes are pre-screened so that you won’t waste time previewing those you can’t afford or don’t match your purchase criteria. We have strong alliances with professionals dedicated to the best possible home buying experience for you.

Privacy Protection

Your personal information and financial capabilities are strictly confidential so your bargaining position will not be compromised.

No Conflict of Interest

We will put your interest first – always. Our allegiance is to promote your interests instead of the sellers, and we put it in writing. You protect our relationship by notifying other agents that you encounter that you have a Buyer’s Agent.

More Counseling…No Sales Talk

By understanding your goals, we will counsel, advise or guide you through the home buying process from showing through closing, and after. We don’t sell you a house, we help you buy a home.

Home Buying Specialist

We are professional home counselors armed with a set of systems and procedures to make the buying process efficient and effective. We are not merely filling our time between listings. We truly enjoy helping you buy the right home.

Timely Information

Our real estate technology tools will keep you a step ahead.

A First-Rate Home Buying Education

The purchase contract and all related disclosures, advisories and addendums are fully explained to your satisfaction so you can make an informed purchase decision.


“When getting help with money, whether it is insurance, real estate or investments you should always look for someone with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman.”  – Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University